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Thaao interviews and articles

This section will have Thaao interviews and articles from magazines and video clips.  Please email the administration with any submissions.

Thaao as Greek dance judge

Thaao emmy interview from 2008. Greek Hollywood Reporter.

From the April 2nd, SOD insider email.
Stephanie Sloane: Over the years, Thaao Penghlis (Tony) has been so lovely, charming and cooperative with the magazine and it has been a pleasure for me to talk to him. He has been killed off DAYS yet again and this time, the actor says, "I really believe that after the sixth death, it's a hostile act. I don't understand why this character has always got to be killed. It's not the leaving, because I've always gone on to do other things, and I am certainly in the middle of some very exciting things now, but I was given some really interesting things to play in the last few weeks, and I think it's a pity that wasn't there before." For the full interview, check out the new issue.

Jason47's tribute to Thaao and Leann

Daytime Confidential article praising Thaao's performance on DOOL this past week.

Michael Fairman interviews Thaao about his firing.

Another One Bites the Dust, SF Examiner

Thaao fired again article, National Ledger

Michael Fairman interview from TV Soap Australia

Thaao and Leann are featured in series two of Michael Fairman's Day of Days interviews. Scroll down to the end.

Thaao and Leann from Michael Fairman's site, Day of Days interview and pre-Emmy interview

Thaao travel interview from DOOL site

Thaao interview from Bucks Lehigh Magazine.

Very cool top synergy site about Thaao

Articles/Interviews about Thaao's Emmy Nomination: interview

Darin Brooks's party, Thaao pic on last page of gallery

Fresno Bee

Herald Sun, Australia

Canyon News

Thaao on Buzzworthy Radio (5-8-08). He mentions his nomination.

From the DOOL site: what episodes Thaao submitted.

National Ledger about Thaao's Emmy nomination

Other articles/interviews:

Thaao's online SOD biography

Thaao's Hoochies photobucket account. Includes this year's magazine scans.

Thaao/TV Guide interview, 2002

Thaao interview, NY Daily News, 7-20-07

Read about Tony and Anna's Weddings in the Special Features at

SOW interview with Leann about her return to Days and working with Thaao again.

SOD Days of Our Lives Interviews-Q&A: Days Thaao Penghlis by Janet Di Lauro.

Serial drama article about Tony's entrance on the horse. June 1, 2007 Titled My Life is Complete

Tony's History at

Thaao's NBC blog transcript

Thaao 2007 interviews/articles

Thaao quotes from his guestbooks

Older Thaao Articles/Interviews

Thaao in "Emma and the Gobbletygoos."

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