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Here’s some quotes from Soap Opera Update magazine for Days 25th anniversary.  Sheri Anderson, Thaao Penghlis, and Leann Hunley 

Thaao and Leann Hunley were wonderful and a lot of fun to write for. Their chemistry that they had was just terrific. Anna was a woman who struggled and she was in a sense kind of like Reva Shayne on Guiding Light. She was a character that evolved in one sense due to the actress. I think the character of Anna is very important because of the way she crosses to so many other characters. - Sheri Anderson (headwriter)

I think in a sense Anna was dream-like. Leann Hunley has an amazing soul. You never hear anything detrimental from Leann. If there is something coming from her mouth, it will be humor. We can still look at each other and have tears in our eyes. As much as she was mischievous on the show, I felt she brought those qualities to Anna. She’s poignant. She knows how to make an entrance. She knows how to make a man---when he’s taking her for granted---re-experience her. She has a wonderful, mysterious quality as an actress and a person. I was just blessed that they brought a woman for me on the show that, still today, is one of my favorite human beings. I miss her. - Thaao Penghlis

It was very fun. It all sort of evolved. On soap operas they match people up to see how they work out. If they don’t work out, they move on to the next. I think they tried Calliope and Anna and Eugene and Tony as a foursome. Fortunately it worked out. It was like a dream come true. I think Tony was Anna’s ideal. He was everything she ever dreamed about growing up as a little girl. When she was a little girl dreaming ‘someday my prince will come’, he was her prince. He was royalty. He was handsome, debonair, cultural. He had fun. He was everything she wanted. That’s why she tried so hard to hang onto him. - Leann Hunley

Some older interviews/articles moved to the Hoochie photo album.

1994 Thaao interview


Thaao Penghlis The Sensuous Gourmet Afternoon TV June 1984
I just bought a great bed. It's upstairs. I thought to myself when I saw it, "I need $1500 right way."I was in an antique shop and saw this old bed from England and knew I had to have it. It dates from 1840, it's brass with burgundy enamel, and I bought the most wonderful sheets to go with it. Anyway, the headboard is almost Georgian, the front of it is masculine; strong bars. In a way it's almost hard-looking, yet aesthetically beautiful. I eat in my bed. I really do serve there. I love it in bed. It's like you can't go any higher. I slept on the traditionally know 2 mattresses for 15 years, and it wasn't romantic at all. That's where I'd go to sleep-that's where I'd throw them and do it. Now all of a sudden I have these purple and blue sheets and down pillows and high bed, and the room is painted a pale grey and I bought two large trees. The carpet is white; that's the only touch of Greek I have in the apartment, that touch of white. We all wanted to put our food from Trumps Restaurant in doggie bags at that moment and run to Thaao's apartment and eat on his large bed, but it would have been too crowded. There were five of us.

2001 Where are they now?

Powers Play, an hour long drama Thaao did in 1986

Thaao's about.days interview 12-02

Thaao's 2005 SOW interview

Thaao Penghlis Quotes
Irrepressible, honest, entertaining - get a kick out of quotes from Thaao Penghlis's past Digest interviews brought to you courtesy of Soap Opera Digest and



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