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Thaao clips

Thaao's video clips

This page contains video clips of Thaao from his movies, television appearances, and video montages.  Clips of Thaao's interviews will be found in the Interviews section.

More from the Greek Film Festival, Hollywood Greek Reporter.

Thaao at Greek Film Festival 2008, Mefeedia

Another Thaao youtube play list

Thaao youtube playlist

Thaao and some hoochies from Burlington.

Clip of the Red Carpet Day of Days Event from NBC.COM Joe, Thaao and Leann come on at about 3:25, Also nice view of them at end of clip around 30 sec.

Clip from the Day of Days event. Thaao and Leann are near the middle. Short but cute!

Several youtube clips from the "Day of Days" event from Nov 1st. Scroll through the thread.

Thaao on "Who's the Boss?"

Thaao on John Edward. At the top, enter the three letter code and hit download. It will take 45 secs to load. Wait for it to finish and hit download. Then open file.

Ziggyelman's youtube page with 80s DOOL

Tarteprada's youtube page, recent Tanna

Soapnet's Night before Emmys party. Thaao is at 12:40.

DOOL stars 2008 Emmy Red Carpet

Thaao, Judi Evans, Darin Brooks, and Rachel Melvin on My Fox, LA.

Hollywood411, Daytime emmy party

Emmy nominee reception, you have to wait awhile until she gets to Thaao.

Cheesencrackerz1 youtube page

Dimera90's youtube page

Thaao and Leann Hunley blooper

Thaao's emmy nomination

Bryan Dattilo impersonating Thaao. Thaao also in this clip.

Thaao interview about Milton Katselas and the Beverly Hills Playhouse

Thaao's first General Hospital eppy on youtube

Death, Salem Style by rdnomad. Great montage for all fanbases.

Thaao in "Hotel"

Thaao in "Hotel" part 2

Thaao in "Slow Dancing in the Big City"

Thaao on General Hospital as Victor Cassadine

Marykay's youtube page, be sure to check out "Monster" and "The Package."

Addams Family spoof of the DiMeras on youtube

80sdaysvideos's youtube page, Tanna clips and others

Thaao, Dee, and Drake video clip interview from OZ. Click on the DOOL link.

Thaao,Drake,and Dee Aussie radio interview

Thaao, Dee, and Drake's Aussie interview part 1

Thaao, Dee, Drake Aussie interview part 2

Aussie interview part 3

Aussie interview part 4

Andre the clown on Vh1's Best Week Ever.

Thaao clips from "I wanna be a soap star." You must be a DiMera Den member to view clips.

Thaao audio interview

Steve Blackwood (Bart) youtube interview Aug 2007

Steve Blackwood youtube interview Aug 2007 part 2

Andre NBC promo for August 13th

Thaao and Leann arriving at the Emmys, fan video

NBC promo First clips of the Real Tony

Dastardly DiMeras clips

"Back in Black" youtube montage Tony/Ejami

Tony/EJ/Sami May 18th, NBC promo

NBC promo of Tony and Stefano's return May 11th

Tony DiMera return on Soapnet commercial

Thaao 2002 Soaptalk interview

LeAnn Hunley 2002 SoapNet interview

Thaao radio interview with Cindy Reinhardt 2004

DiMera Den video clips (You must be a member to view)

Madelinehawaii's youtube Tony/Thaao clips, also Mission: Impossible clips.

Lady DiMera's youtube page

SurfergirlCali's youtube clips Tony/Renee/Anna

Franco Mendez's youtube clips of Tony

Fenderbabe's youtube featuring Kate and her bad boys including Tony.

"Les Patterson Saves the World" trailer, 1987

"Altered States" trailer, 1980 (Thaao's in denim)

"The Lookalike" trailer, 1990. They pronounced Thaao's name wrong!

clip of The Lookalike on Lifetime

Thaao's voiceover/commercial work

Click on the link, and then his name. :-)

Tomi commercial

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