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Thaao's Vital Statistics


All about Thaao...

This page is for frequently asked questions about Thaao such as his birthdate, place of birth, etc. 

Vital Statistics

Name:            Thaao Peter Penghlis

DOB:              December 15th in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Astrological sign:   Sagittarius

Hair Color:   Brown             Eye Color:    Brown

Height:                      5’ 11 ”

Status:          Single

Family:          Peter (Father, dec.), Eva (Mother dec.), Constance (Sister), Pauline (Sister), George (Brother), Catherine (Niece), Peter (Nephew), Andrew (Nephew), John (Nephew), Peter (Nephew).

First Language:      Greek             Second Language:                        English

Religion:       Greek Orthodox

Allergic to:    Diary and Sugar

Pets:  None. He would like to get  a chow or an Australian sheep dog. Had a cat named Hamlet/Booboolina (dec.).

Shoe Size:   11D

Loves to:      Travel, write screenplays, cook for friends, dance, read, collect art and be in the back yard naked.

Other:            Right handed. Non smoker (quit in 2005).

Trivia:            When he was a wee lad, he held the countries (Australia’s) one-hundred meter hurdle record for over ten years.

A few of Thaao’s “Favorites”

Compilation of questions with the word “favorite” from Jan 2007, Apr 2006, Feb 2006 and Nov 2005 web chats along with his answers.

      What was your favorite disguise as Andre and how did you prepare for it? (Marianne) Oct 2007 "…the clown… it took about for the makeup and as soon as I put those big red shoes on I thought of him as a clown that flew then landed to become threatening."

          Hi Thaao! I was just curious what is your favorite Tony  and Anna scene? (Nicole) Oct 2007 "…there are so many I loved in the 80's, I haven't had enough to do with her yet. When we danced the tango it bought some good memories."

        What’s your favorite movie? (connie) Nov 2005. “Ben Hur, bar none. From Here to Eternity, A Man for All Season, Out of Africa and Gladiator. I like movies with great scale. And The Godfather and I love Razor’s Edge too.”

        What’s your favorite music? (dennis) Jan 2007. “I like movie scores.” and Nov 2006 “I love soundtrack music. Especially when I’m writing it takes me off to different worlds.” And Feb 2006 “I’m not a big opera person but do appreciate some arias. I love Cold Play. My favorite music is sound tracks. When I’m studying I always have sound tracks playing.”

        What’s your favorite sound? (imtheluckyone) Jan 2007. “Church belles.”

        Who is your favorite character in history or literature from whom you are at times inspired by in performances? (kati) Feb 2006. “I always love Peter O’Toole. I thought he was a great actor, but I like the young Robert De Niro. As far as history is concerned Alexander the Great.”

        Any favorite websites? (suzanne lanoue) Apr 2006. “I always go to Google and check things out there. The internet movie database is one of my favorites. Also travel sites like Egypt etc.”

        What’s your favorite Hawaiian island? Why? (madeline) Nov 2005. “I like Maui because of the nude beach. There is nothing more exhilarating than diving into the ocean nude.”

        What has been your favorite place to vacation? (stephanie) Feb 2006. “I love Greece and southern Europe. Turkey is beautiful. The only place I didn’t like was Morocco.”

        What’s your favorite junk food? (marlenagirl) Apr 2006. “French Fries.”

        What’s your favorite dish to cook? (diane) Jan 2007. “I like soups. I love oriental foods and I like seafood, a lot of fish.”

        What is your favorite dish to prepare for one of your infamous dinner parties? (marianne) Nov 2006. “It depends on who I want to kill I suppose. If it’s family I usually stick with Greek foods. With friends it’s more fish and seafood or grill fish. Whole fish with salads but only fish with scales, the other fish absorbs mercury, not good for you.”

        Do you have any favorite family traditions? (imtheluckyone) Jan 2007. “I like to cook for friends, it’s one of the things I do well. I don’t have to ask how it tastes.”

        What is your favorite sport? (diane) Jan 2007. “I like track and field. I like tennis. I like the Australian Rugby league.”

        A list of Thaao’s favorites isn’t complete without Marianne (aka Mama Hooch).

A Traveling Man

Places he has been to: Australia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, Peru, Turkey and Spain. (There are a few more).

Places he wants to go: Argentina, China and Russia.

Places he has never been to: India and Sweden. Johnstown, PA.

 Correction!  Thaao has been to Johnstown in 1983 and doesn't remember! 


Automobiles TPP has owned
2003 Lexus SC Coupe
Mercedes Benz
1984 Corvette
Restored Mustang

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