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Fascinating Thaao quotes

The following are some quotes of Thaao's from his guestbooks over the years.  His guestbooks are found at his two official websites. Their links are in the links section.

A few Interesting “Quotes” from Web Posts made by TPP

(found in Guestbooks on &


  • “I feel this will be a great year with many changes and triumphs. My ideal is to get you all together and celebrate. That will happen I promise.” Web post Dec 2006
  • “It’s been an interesting year, certainly a lot of perseverance. It’s being in the middle of the tunnel waiting for the light to appear. But when you learn to trust everything has its timing.” Web post Sept 2006
  • “Thank you for my well wishes. You’ve been absolutely wonderful. Am I lucky? You bet your bip.” Web post Dec 2005
  • “I must say, you wonderful women, who have shown me such support ‘thank you for being there. I’m truly touched. I embrace you all.” Web post Oct 2005
  • “Oh that one of these days we all get together and celebrate and for me to give thanks to you for all your support and kindness.” Web post Sept 2005
  • “Made my booking to go home to Oz for Christmas. It will be four years. Too long. In the end it’s the family you cry for.” Web post Apr 2005
  • “By the way there are no laws about when or where I post. I can’t always do them at once…there are many distractions. So please there are no comparisons [between web sites]…it’s a place where people can come when they want to and share their thoughts and creative thinking.” Web post Mar 2005
  • “I look at this day the first day on my life as being blessed.” 15 Dec 2004 (his birthday) Web post Dec 2004
  • “But thanks for your positive comments. It heals more than you know.” Web post Nov 2004
  • “You are all special to me. Maybe we can get together again when the mystery and the life of this character is revealed…and have a big party.” Web post Oct 2004
  • “You are all special to me, maybe someday I’ll throw a party and you will all come. I love you for the support and enjoy getting to know you.” Web post Oct 2003
  • “To the question about what I like in a woman the first is grace, the eyes and the sound of her voice. And then the rest can fall into place. Hopefully.” Web post Sept 2003
  • “My middle name is Peter. And I would still love to be an archaeologist, that’s why travel is my favorite past time, a clue to other people’s thoughts.” Web post Aug 2003
  • “I have driven across the US twice…have seen a lot of this country. It’s an amazing place, especially the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley but my favorite city is NY.” Web post Jun 2003
  • “The lovelies are a myth…too good to be true.” Web post Jun 2003
  • “It’s Saturday afternoon and it’s raining. It was a nice time to visit the site and read all your letters. I do visit you everyday…it’s always a good place to hear your thoughts and have some good laughs.” Web post Mar 2003
  • “…Morocco was exciting…had some dangerous moments. As one merchant said ‘I love your face but I want your money.’ Web post Jan 2003
  • “Thank you for expanding my horizons…and being part of this journey” Web post Nov 2002
  • “Thank you for holding up the light.” Web post Oct 2002
  • “My name is pronounced Tay-o” Web post Oct 2002
  • “Lee is going to post some photos of my innocent years, before being corrupted…” Web post Sept 2002

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