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Fan poetry/limericks and published letters

Poetry, limericks and other fun stuff!

This is the place to submit your Thaao/Tony related limericks and poems.  Also, if you have been published in any soap mag in regards to Tony, it will be put here.

Published fan letters

Phoenixnative's limericks/poems
Love in the Afternoon – DiMera Style!
DiMeras are now reappearing!
Have you read all the buzz on the boards?
Both new and old viewers are cheering;
To the show they’re returning in hordes!
The chemistry Thaao and Leann possess
Hasn’t dimmed with the passing of time.
Just give him Armani and her a great dress -
Their sparks will make temperatures climb!
What a wonderful gift you have given us fans
And we thank you for making it so.
Please let Leann be part of your longer-term plans
With a contract on our favorite show!

Free Tony!

September 1, 2005


There was a DiMera named Tony

(Don't know if he's real or phony!)

To jail he was hurried,

And now fans are worried,

He'll rot there, all silent and stony.


But, if Andre's the guy in the cell,

He can stay there and just go to hell!

Please let Thaao stay,

And Tony portray.

No one else does it so well!


You have turned a man who's complex

To a scoundrel nobody respects.

He's become a cartoon

With a sidekick buffoon -

Now the teens get more air-time and sex!


And if you would grant a request

For this debonair actor (the best!):

Tony's heart please restore,

Put a love at his door,

With your ratings you'll soon be impressed!


The Rogue With a Heart

July 5, 2006


There once was the sexiest villain

In jail he’s been recently chillin’.

Though his family’s rotten,

Fans haven’t forgotten

The rogue with a heart – he’s still thrillin’!


Tony isn’t your everyday cad,

He’s so much more complex than his dad.

He is always in style

With that devilish smile,

Whether in jeans or Armani he’s clad.


Please bring back the Tony of old.

So much story remains to be told.

He needs Anna to love.

(Does he own a black glove?)

With Thaao you know you’ll strike gold!


Dear Thaao,


One year ago you promised them dinner,

Your faithful fans at the Den.

Dressed and ready for months, each day growing thinner,

Awaiting their favorite of men!


Marianne and Carrie from PA will fly,

And Yvonne will arrive from New York.

Please don’t delay choosing a date now, please try -

Or they’ll be too weak to pick up a fork!


Melissa and Deb need to know the date

To book their flights from the Midwest.

Carol from Canada just cannot wait

To put in her passport request!


Madeline won’t leave her Hawaii shore

‘Til the plans into motion are set.

Once you tell Heather, they’ll be out the door

And onto the very next jet!


St. Louis is calling, they’re ready to dine

Just as soon as you pick out a date.

Their dinner with Thaao - completely divine –

They’re ready to celebrate!



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