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What is a hoochie?






Welcome to Hoochieville!

"The Hoochies" is the official nickname of Thaao's fanbase.  The nickname was coined at  The hoochies are known for their wit and naughtiness.

Pic of Thaao with a fan from SOD's website.

Thaao's favorite hoochie, Marianne, in the SOD insider email:
Thaao Penghlis (Tony, DAYS) and fan Marianne Roesch
I had the great pleasure of meeting my favorite actor from DAYS, Thaao Penghlis (Tony)! He was so gracious as to have a private dinner with some of his fans the night before the Juvenile Diabetes DOOL Fan Event. I had been hoping to meet him now for a long time. He has always been so open and appreciative of his fans by doing chats with us several times a year and posting often in his guestbook. He was so charming and welcoming and his fans were treated to a fun evening, complete with Greek dancing! As you can see by my picture, Thaao gives awesome hugs! He and his hugs were the hit of the fan event! I will always remember our first meeting and how sweet and friendly he was to me. I hope to be able to meet with him again sometime in the future.
Marianne Roesch
Johnstown, PA

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Hoochie Linda in the SOD insider email:

Wayne Northrop (ex-Alex/Roman, DAYS) and fan Linda Wolfe
One of the most beloved, funniest and most talented actors on DAYS is also one of the most unassuming and genuine people you will ever meet. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Northrop [ex-Alex, ex-Roman] at Deidre Hall's [Marlena] fan event in April 2006.... I had written and sent a poem to Deidre and Wayne about their amazing chemistry, just after he returned as Alex back in September, 2005. Since I had not heard anything back, I brought new framed copies for each of them. Wayne looked at it and exclaimed, "Oh! I have this! I love this poem! I set it aside to thank you, but never got around to it." He looked at me and asked, "YOU wrote this?" We talked briefly and then when he moved on he shook my hand and said, "I am so glad to have met you." I would love to be able to thank him for being the kind of celebrity, who, when you meet him, you are not disappointed!
Linda Wolfe, Placerville, CA



Hoochie Dictionary
The following is some lingo that will help anyone understand the ways of the Hooch.
Sweet Make it Bigger and All Better Dreams
Sweet Thaaolicious Dreams
Sweet Spankworthy Thaaolicious Dreams
Sweet Thaaolicious I'm Always the Aggressor Dreams!
Sweet Thaaolicious throw them and do them dreams!
phuckable devillol.gif
When you are in the gutter there is only one way to go....UP!!
Naughty Hooch
Mama Hooch--Marianne
Chief Hooch--Toddy
Ace Reporter Hooch--Mary Kay
The Naughty Nurse Network--the hoochie nurses, Mary Kay and Deb
The Rev. Marybeth-Thaao's Spiritual Advisor Hoochie.
What's UP?
Inner hoochie.
Is that a rhetorical question?
Thaao dreamland
Down with pants!
The Package
I got your back!
Delusional much?
Jealous much?
The_Three_Marlenas--Keeper of the Sacred Calvins, "evil genius" hoochie
Mollie aka "Tfanforlife"--Hoochie watchdog
Carina--Handcuffs Hoochie
Al'sgal--smart ass hoochie
The Good, The Bad, and The Naughty
Daddy's Waiting!
sweeeeevil-definition:  Andre is sweeeeeeeeevil.
Go Hoochie Go!
Don't Stop!
Email from Thaao and Heather to Linda about her limerick July 17, 2006:
Dear Linda,
Thanks for such clever a piece.....yet again. I truly appreciate the
and creative effort you put into it.
With love
Thaao P

Hall of Fame

All those who (hoochies) Mr. Penghlis has addressed directly by name and complimented.


Trust all is well and thank you Lucky One for making it to the screening.

October 2007

Yvonne, Toddy, Shelie, Mollie, Miranda, Melissa, Mary Kay, Marianne, Madeline, Deb, Carina and Lucky.
“Dear Yvonne, Toddy, Shelie, Mollie, Miranda, Melissa, Mary K, Marianne, Madelaine, Deb, Carina and Lucky. Thank you for the most beautiful flowers. I walked into my dressing room yesterday and was so touched. What a bunch of great’s you are, I felt so blessed.”
May 2007
Mama Hooch & the Hoochies
“Marianne…your letter was genius. Also getting some photos from LeAnn for the Hoochies.”
May 2007
The Hoochies
“Dear Friends and Hoochies: Thanks again for the enthusiasm and your great letters.”
April 2007
The Hoochies
“We should have a chat soon and catch up with everyone including the Hoochies. Love to you all.”
April 2007
The Hoochies
“Dear Friends and Hoochies: Congrats to the Hoochies, sounds like a really mischievous group. Let’s have fun.”
April 2007

"And Carina…please start breathing…You’re needed."

Sept 2006Mama Hooch & the Hoochies

"Marianne, I REALLY appreciate your emails. : )

And everyone else’s emails as well."

Apr 2006 Honorable Mention to Doris Roberts

"She’s in my workshop. We have a good relationship. I went to her birthday not so long ago. She’s been to my place many times for dinner. She’s a great dame!!!"

Apr 2006 Dimera Den

"My, my, all those kind get well cards and those wonderful chocolates, in so many flavors…hmmmmm…thank you Dimera Den and associates. And to all you special gals who celebrate with me.

Jul 2005 Marianne

"Marianne. Hello. I appreciate your heart."

Nov 2005 The Lovelies

"To Sabrina, Kathy, Jennifer, Vicki, Diana, Lee Ann and Debbie, thank you so much for the flowers. They are beautiful."

Nov 2003 Lee

(web master

"Thanks again Lee you’re always a gentle soul and pretty."

Jan 2003

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